Thursday, July 31, 2014

Loser Blogger in July

Okay, I am admitting I failed at blogging this month.  There are no excuses, just that for July blogging I am a loser.  I hope to make it up next month.  All I can do is leave you with a pop ditty, about positive self image, guaranteed to put an earworm in your head. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Building Block #7

Can you believe we are already on block #7?  Natalie and I have passed the halfway mark to an afghan.  I wanted to not be late this month, so I knocked this block out as quickly as possible.  I loved this months mock cable stitch.  I have done the stitch before, but not quite like this pattern. The yarnover in the center made me go, "Oooo."  I even see a mock cable pair of socks in my future. 

The mock cable even inspired me to make up a joke.  A friend asked, "Why is it a mock cable?" 

I responded, "Because it makes fun of the other stitches."  I know bad, but it made me laugh.  Put that on my tombstone, SHE LAUGHED AT HER OWN JOKES.  Knit on my friends.