Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Insta-hat & Blocks

Okay, moving aside I have also been working on putting my blocks together and finished another Insta-hat for Baby Sis.  So despite my puling, my life is not all packing and moving.  Sorry to be so negative, once I am moved it will be better.  In the meantime check out the knitting photos below.

Baby Sis Modeling the New Hat

All 12 Blocks Laid Out for the Next Step of Putting Everything Together

I Hate Moving

Just letting you know my life is all about boxes, newspapers, tape, and sharpies.  I will be glad when this process is over.  Back to packing.

Friday, January 16, 2015


I have been so lucky in my knit life to have come in contact with some amazing knitters.  So much talent in so much variety.  One of my Sunday knit buddies is a talented stitcher, has a great eye for color, and she can a read a pattern backwards and forwards.  However, what she truly excels at is finding some of the best patterns out there.  I am constantly wanting to knit what she knits.  I find myself stalking her project page on Ravelry more than I should.  She is a pattern trendsetter.

Co-worker showing off her new knitwear
Over the holidays my knit buddy found the most adorable hat pattern on Instagram called Insta-hat by Lee Meredith (  Meredith posted the free pattern on Instagram and Tumblr in 4 installments.  You did have to go to a social media sight to view each part of the pattern, but it was worth it.  The pattern was fairly simple and knitted up fairly fast in bulky yarn.  I loved my friend's finished hat and knew I had some bulky yarn that needed to be knit up.  I threw aside my crochet (because you know I would rather be knitting) and cast on the Insta-hat.  Part 1 & 2 of the pattern went well, but part 3 gave me some fits.  After pulling part 3 out the second time I put in a lifeline.  Like always, once that lifeline went in I knit the pattern perfectly. 

My own Insta-hat
I was just going to make one hat for a co-worker who had asked for a beanie style hat in September.  I finished the beanie version of the Insta-hat and gave my bin of bulky yarn another look.  I found some green alpaca blend that needed to be knitted up in a slouchy version of the hat for me.  This pattern was quick and fun. I may have to go back to the bulky bin again and do some stash busting with this pattern.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Popcorn Crochet?

As I have mentioned I am working on a crochet along with my friend Suzanne.  I am not loving the crochet as much as knitting.  I like crochet, but I never come home at night and say, "Yay, I can't wait to crochet."  However, most nights I do come home with the expressed goal to knit.  Once I finish the blue horizon afghan, I will only be hooking as needed.

Pay No Attention to the Stray Knitting Needles Next to the Blocks
I have crocheted 8 textured bluebells square, 20 cornered grannies, and now 16 popcorn flower squares.  I have 20 more begonia squares to do.    I have been taking a break on the crochet and working on some knitting projects before facing the begonias. I have promised after the next knitting project to go back to the crochet.

In the meantime I am knitting and working on moving.  One day in the future I will be moved into the new house.  Until then I am going through books, recycling 5 years worth of Vanity Fair, and wondering why I thought moving was a good idea.