Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Resolutions and Stuff

Every year at this time I review my previous year's resolution.  As I thought about it I couldn't remember what I had resolved to do in 2014.  When I went back and checked, I was relieved to see I had no resolutions (  What a relief that was, no fail for me.  Maybe having no resolutions is the way to go.  I should learn from last year, but I guess not because I have a resolution for 2015.  I am resolving to drink less soda.  I know, I have never been a soda drinker so where did this come from?  However, rediscovering Mr. Pibb has been my downfall.  I have been sucking the stuff down like it is the elixir of life.  I feel guilty that I am trolling the aisle of the check out at the grocery store looking for Pibb. Time to step away from the soda and go back to drinking tea.  Wish me luck.

Friday, December 26, 2014


With the holidays I put aside my crochet hook and whipped up some knitted cowls for a few of my nearest and dearest.  I found a Vickie Howell pattern called Happy Cowliday, featuring a diamond stitch cowl.  I actually had some of the same yarn in a smaller weight and used the same stitch pattern to make some mitts to match the cowl.  While I was knitting these up I kept seeing my friend Libby wearing the set, which of course meant it was for her.

The lovely Libby showing off her new hand knits
My friends at Kirkwood Knittery gave out a free cowl pattern for Cascade Magnum yarn, which was called the Magnum Twist.  It was a great and easy pattern for a cowl.  I liked the pattern so much I have now made 5 cowls with 5 different yarns, including the Cascade Magnum yarn.  I am working on cowl #6 and then it is time to walk away from this pattern.  I have gifted 3 of these cowls and they were received with enthusiasm.  I will admit I like knowing something I knitted with love is adding warmth to my friends lives.

Magnum Twist Cowl
I also knitted some traveling slippers with a carrying case for my dear friend, Kim F.  I had a pattern for the slippers and made up the little case.  My thought was when she travels she will always have warm feet.  She has tiny feet so I had just enough yarn for the whole gift. Again knitted with love.  And as always I say to my friends, HAND WASH IN COLD, DRY FLAT.

Travel Slippers with Carrying Case

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Building Block #12, or the Final Block

And I finished Building Block #12!!! And it was a booger to knit with lots of lace and stuff.  This block was in fact the hardest one to knit, but it was the last one.  I have enjoyed doing a block each month with Natalie and a part of me is sad to see the end of the book.  I have been blocking the blocks and after the first of the year and I will begin putting them together.  I know so exciting you are beside yourself joy.  Are not.  I know knitting might not be your cup of tea and you might not be as excited by my accomplishments as I am, but thank you patiently listening to me prattle on about my blocks.