Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, I Do Knit With That Stash

As proof that I have been knitting lately, not just obsessing about the state of my stash I offer the following.

I Knit seven coasters for my new set of co-workers. I used odds and ends of cotton I had hanging out in my stash. I love that I look at the colors and see bibs of love, burpies, and washcloths as well as the quick knock out coasters. My co-workers seemed to like them, but maybe they were just being nice. I felt good making the coasters so I guess that is all that counts. Speaking of good intentions, I knitted this neck scarf to help a customer from good old LC library. This pattern was good intentions going awry. The woman found the pattern in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine and wanted my help with the construction. The pattern was cryptic at best and it required me to go to my knitting mentors. After much consultation, I took what I had learned back to the lady. She was less than receptive to my help and told me I was wrong you had to follow the pattern exactly. Yikes, it was ugly, but I soldiered on and tried to help the lady out. I kept the silly thing in my locker as my work project. One day she came in and said the pattern was all wrong and she had found a different pattern to use. In the end I have a finished scarf with the thought that it will find its way to the right neck this Christmas.

And finally I have another sock done. Not just any sock, but a toe up sock knitted on a single circular. Which brings my sock debt to 5 finished socks and one more to go. This morning while waiting to see a doctor about a lavagna burn on my leg I got a good three to four inches done. on the mate to the lovely below. I am excited soon I will be out of the hole on the socks and then I can start a whole other pair! Wait what did I just say? I mean, I can move on to another project.

Sitting n dr office waiting 4 him 2 look @ burn on my leg not minding have knitted 2 inches on sock.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Pie Safe or How My Stash Found A Home

(Too Much Clutter.)
First and foremost I like having lots of stuff. I can't help it I got the habit from my mom. She is the queen of clutter, which makes me the princess of junk. I have collections of stuff from books to coffins. Knitting has not changed my collecting fever it has just focused it down to a specific area: FIBER. So my stash was beginning to take over in a series of containers, small green bowl, big green bowl, green cloth basket, open green box, green box, and let us not forget the green bin with all the knitting supplies in it. If this sounds confusing to you, can you imagine how I feel.

Much joy and consternation resulted from said accumulated stash of yarn. My mom offered me a great solution, did I want her pie safe? Now my mother does not bake pies, hell the woman rarely cooks at all, but she has a pie safe. When I was a kid she brought it home in pieces and it sat for months in the garage collecting spiders. Eventually, she sent it to a refinisher and it came home all shiny and like new. The refinisher called it a carpenters end piece and told her there were 5 different types of wood in the cabinet. The cabinet has a special place in my heart and my childhood. With some of the things going on in my parents life she is down-sizing a little and henceforth the pie safe is mine.

At first I was excited and knew immediately that my yarn had found a home, but how to make everything else fit I asked myself. I thought about configuration for a week. I measured everything for a week. I spent a week digging out the wall to put the pie safe against, photograph of empty wall below. I spent another week afraid it wasn't going to fit in the station wagon it was coming home in (it didn't, but my dad and some bungees made it work). And then after lugging it in with Natalie's help, it was in position for yarn. (Put Pie Safe Here.)
I am so happy with the beautiful pie safe and with my beautiful yarn in it. I can sit on my futon and watch my stash grow. Ahhhh, cooling pies would not have looked so grand.
(Put Stash in Pie Safe)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Cancer sucks, that means having it or knowing and loving someone who has been diagnosed with the big C. My dad has pancreatic cancer and it is a cancer that truly sucks. His odds of beating this thing are under 12%. His doctor told him he would probably have only 6 months to live. All of it is very gloomy and doomy. We found out about this last year in early November. It made for a very sad winter.

Eight months later in June not only has my father exceeded his six months, but he will celebrate his 68th birthday and his 45th father's day. The cancer is being kept in check by the chemo. Dad is walking and working on his appetite so he can take a motorcycle trip to Alaska later in the summer. I say go dad.

We are all learning to take everyday as a gift. Every good day. I hope to post next year with some uplifting post about his 46th father day. If not, I want to at least say my dad saw Alaska. And that his "Cancer Sucks" button looked defiant on his motorcycle jacket.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Flames and hot nights

After 25 years I broke my record and went to see the Cardinals play in the now not so new stadium. It was a great game with home runs, fireworks, frozen pink lemonades and for the grand finale a win for the hometown favorites. There was joy in Mudville.

But I wouldn't have broken such an established record of avoidance and sweated my butt off (okay maybe only a small portion of it) had it not been for a good reason. I do consistently turn down baseball tickets and any conversation that begins with the word "cardinal" gets tuned out. I made the exception today for someone very special. But to get the whole story I have to take you back about 25 years. I grew up in a small town in Crawford County, MO. The only thing remarkable about the place was the big water tower that had the town name, Bourbon, painted on it. Like many small town kids, I felt constrained by the small town mentality. I wanted out and I wanted to see the world. I kept wishing for my life to start, and that would never happen until I was away from Bourbon.

In the fifth grand I got hope. A new kid came to our little school and rumor was he was from some place else. I also noticed every time I saw him he had his nose pressed in a book. He was different, and I wanted to know him. It took sometime, but by the 8th grade we were friends. He spoke in big words that I had only read in books, he had lived overseas, and he seemed to know everything. I was fascinated. We even would call each other and talk on the phone for hours much to both our parents annoyance.

We grew into young adults and with our hormones raging we even dated our junior and some of our senior year. He fascinated me even more with his easy laughter and gentle humor. I never understood what someone so smart would have ever seen in me, but he did. He gave me hope that there would be life away from small town America. I had a plan we were going to both go to college, then get married, travel the world, have two kids, and then travel the world some more.

One of our favorite things to do was go to the Cardinal Baseball games together. We both got bleacher seats for being A students, so in total we could go to 4 games a season. The last time we went we got horribly lost and ended up in Bridgeton, when we were shooting for Eureka. It was funny at the time we had no idea how to find ourselves, but in the end everything worked out and all that was lost was time.

Today, we meet up to remember being lost together and I think to remember finding ourselves as being different in a place that did not value different. Oh and so he can see a good Cardinals baseball game when he is in town. It amazes me that after so much time that part of us still clicks. We talk about everything, we laugh, we laugh, and then we laugh some more. I feel so lucky to know someone so funny and charming. And I guess he feels lucky to know someone who rarely gets lost in downtown St Louis. And did I mention he has traveled, and I...well I knitted a red sock while life moved blithely on all around us at the baseball game.

Thank you Randy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

@ ballgame w hs sweetheart he is still a sweetie!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cupcakes are Good, But...

Check Spelling Today I stopped at Jilly's Cupcake & Milk Bar and picked up a lovely turtle cupcake. I did not get there until the afternoon so the selection was a tad picked over. Obviously, I did not stop me from finding something worth taking home for an evening snack. Something weird happened while I was purchasing the cupcake, the woman checking me out was having a slight panic attack. She was very helpful and nice, but her face was flushed and she seemed a little rushed. I was in my usual state of oblivion and since it was Saturday I was in no hurry. I noticed the woman's other co-worker was being short with her and some other customer interrupted my purchase because she didn't want to wait in line to get here cupcakes.
At that moment I understood the harried look. Rudeness was all around her. I get people all the time who make me feel the same at work. People who act like the library or the Cupcake Bar is dispensing essential life-saving blood or medication that they need and you have to hurry and get them what they want right now. What is up with that? Books and cupcakes are great I was happy to get a cupcake today, but I can wait my turn, I can wait for my service. The cupcake will taste just as good five minutes later. We all rush around and try to squeeze every minute we can out of our busy schedules, but it is no excuse to treat anyone else as less than human.
Grumble, I am on a rant, but it just upset me to see this kind of rude behavior, it just hit to close to home.
So tonight I sat down with my luscious cupcake and ate half of it with relish. It was delicious...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

And the big Pro

The biggest pro is that there is a QuikTrip on my way to work. Sweet Tea on demand.


I started a new position at the newly minted call center with the library this week. I really did not want to take this position, but was hard sold into it. Many of you have been asking how it has been going so I will break it down into a pro/con list.

In Frontenac not Moline Acres
Drive through nicer neighborhoods on way to work
Have a designated work space
Supervisor very nice
Working Normal daily schedule
No face to face with smelly customers

At HQ under scrutiny of Administrators
One mile further from home than at LC
Tied to my desk
Everything very disorganized and training ve-rry sloooow
On July 1 start new schedule of Tuesday (no family night at Rivendell) and Wednesday night
Some hostility from other staff members
On probation (again) because I have transferred to
a new position
No raise for position and still making bumpcus.

I am trying to be positive about the change, but I am scared, there is such a huge learning curve and if I fail, I am out of there. Positive thoughts sent my way will be greatly appreciated.