Saturday, April 30, 2016

No Green Thumb Here

This weekend I went out and bought stuff for my yard: petunias, butterfly bush, magnolia tree, and weed killer.  I spent Saturday afternoon digging and planting stuff.  Then my neighbor gave me some elephant ear bulbs to put down.  I was downright industrious in my efforts.  I weeded and put up little fences too.  Sprayed the weeds around the dumpster to make it less overgrown.  Sadly we just got a big thunderstorm with hail.  My poor new plantings are beat up and looking bad already.  Probably, the only place which will thrive will be the area I bought the weed killer for since the rain just washed it all away.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Knot Right!

I know that sometimes knots show up in ball of yarn.  It is just a thing, but damn it pisses me off, especially in a ball of yarn that is 55 yards long.  Seriously, it is annoying.  I knitted myself a towel with these 2 balls of bulky cotton yarn and midway through the towel smack in the middle of a row I had a knot.  I should have tinked out the row, but knew I would need the yarn at the end.  Now I wish I had just tinked the row.  The towel is just for me so the messy middle will only bother me, but bother me it will.  Damn knots.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saying goodbye to Angel

A week ago we said goodbye to our sweet Angel.  She developed a sarcoma in her mouth, and we could  not manage her pain.  As you can guess it was hard.  We knew when we agreed to take Angel that she was 10 years old and we were her retirement home.  Her life had been a series of kennels and handlers.  She had to be obedient, her weight was monitored, she had to do whatever was expected of her all the time.  Her life was one of work and constant movement.

At first we were just another in a long line of places she had been deposited.  Being petted and cuddled were not normal to her.  The treats were nice, but you could tell she kept waiting to have to work for that morsel.  Slowly, she began to settle into her life as a pampered pet.  She learned to expect warm blankets on demand and nightly cuddling.  Her new pack mates learned that you can never catch a whippet.  Retirement got good to her.  Everywhere she went she was adored.  Angel found home.

We are missing her quiet present and deep soul searching gazes.  Her few years  with us were just not enough.  Wishing our sweet Angel a good journey to a place where she always catches the bunny and the treats are endless.