Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just Showing Off

I know I already blogged about the Cat's Cradle crocheted tunic, but Natalie took such a great photo of the tunic I had to show it off.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Last year if I saw one Disney Princess costume, I saw 100.  Little girls and a few boys wanted to be Elsa, Snow White, Jasmine, or Cinderella.  Who I am I to throw metaphoric stones about the state of feminism in a 5 year old.  In 1971 I had the good fortune to live out my dream of being Cinderella in a hand me down costume.  I remember thinking that mask made me look just like the princess du jour.  After that Halloween I would ask to wear the costume again, but with some kind of evil magic it disappeared.  However, just once I had the thrill of being a bona fide Disney princess.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cat's Cradle or More Crochet then I can Stand

About a year ago I started on a quest to improve my crochet skills.  I wanted to get better at hooking, you know what I mean.  Sometimes when you knit it helps to be able to incorporate crochet to be a more versatile fibernista.  And I did use skills I learned on the crochet afghan to finish the building block blanket for Natalie.  I am not regretting spending more time in the land of crochet, but while I am crocheting I am longing for my knitting bag sitting so lonely on the corner of the futon.  You would think after the afghan I would throw away my hooks and cast on some dramatic knitting project and never look back.  You would think that.

Try not to notice the spiderish shapes on the tunic
However, I still wanted to crochet myself some crazy tunic to wear over a turtle neck or something like that.  Well, the something like that turned out to be the Cat's Cradle 2 by Doris Chen.  I promised myself I would only join the crochet along if I could find the yarn in my stash.  I found I did not have enough of one color, so I added another color for the trim and just like that I was in another crochet along.  As always I was compelled by that inner product knitter to crochet my tunic up as soon as possible and with miles of chain stitches behind me, I finished.  I even made it point to flaunt my project at a craft fair and a party all in the same day. 

Hooking under a "Sale" sign
Now, I am saying this to you and anyone else who is listening, I done hooking for awhile, Christmas knitting is awaits me.