Wednesday, April 19, 2017

En Pointe Pullover or Not My Best Project

Over a year ago Natalie came up with a pattern, the En Pointe Pullover by Alice Tang. She loved the pullover and wanted my help knitting one.  She sweetened the pot by purchasing me some silky, Malibrigo Mora for the projects.  I am easily bribed when it comes to yarn.

The first problem was the 100% silk yarn.  It was slippery and knotted up easily.  I kept having to untangled my cakes and re-ball the yarn.  I got frustrated and quickly got tired of the yarn.

Then I started to look at the construction of the pullover and the completed projects on Ravelry.  I noticed this pattern would be flattering on a slender figure, but maybe not so much on a fuller figure like mine. I got kind of depressed about the En Pointe and threw it all in a bag, shoved the bag in a closet and tired to forget it.

Fast forward 9 months and my sock project failed me (or I failed the sock).  Anyway, as I was shoving the failed sock project in the closet the failed pullover fell on me.  Begrudgingly, I thought finish this dratted thing.  I was so self conscious about the flaws in this project I avoided taking it to my knit groups for fear of being ridiculed.

Finally, the project is done.  I did modify the pattern by adding bell sleeves to hopefully make the silhouette a little kinder for my figure.  I will say the silk yarn has a nice drape, but it is not forgiving at the seams or for weaving in ends.

I am hoping with my help Natalie's turns out better than mine.  As for mine done is done!