Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Minute Catch Up

I really do try to blog at least once a week.  Apparently, August was the cruelest of months for blogging this year.  I had to cram three posts into the same week.  To be fair, I have had some personal things going on in my life that have distracted me from posting.  I have also had the drama of buying a new car, so I have been a busy woman.  I am hoping for things to slow down a little, after this weekend.  This weekend we are social butterflies (OK in our case more like social condors).  With that in mind I am trying to eek in one more blog post I have to do it now, while I am answering the phone for work.

(Yes, Mr I have already called 4 times today already, I can put Classic Rock of the 70s volume 4 on your request list.)

My knitting has not been going well right now, I am stuck on a sock pattern that is about to beat me.  I will blog about that when I either fail or succeed.  So nothing worth even posting photos of at this time.  Sorry I know you non knitters are dying to hear about the sock struggle.  But on the knitting front, I did find (be still my big girl heart) a plus size mannequin.  I found her on clearance at Jackman's.  I was so excited as I marched out of the store carrying my new purchase like a kid who just got a new bike.  I have yet to use it, but just owning one makes me feel all important and full of myself.  After the Ao Tank I discovered that having one of these could be very handy.

(No, Ms I never want to return anything, you can't keep Twilight Breaking Dork, part 2 for another month.  It needs to be returned now others are waiting for it.)

I also got seduced by my friend at Dyeabolical Yarns (  She twittered about doing a special run of mini skeins.  I could not stop myself from ordering the special limited edition set.  When the package came in the mail, I was so tickled with the mini skeins of yarn, I must have played with them for an hour.  I kept rearranging the colors and imaging all the hexipuffs I would knit with them

(Thank you for it time to go home yet?)

Like I said busy month.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Things Change or My New Car!!!

Recently, I have blogged about my Prius, Prudence, turning 100,000 miles  (  I told you dear friends that I loved my car and I was committed to keeping her a little longer.  This decision was made before I took my car in for her 100,000 mile check up.  Before I had even passed the keys over, the dealer had cut me from the herd and handed me over to a nice guy named Steve.

Steve's job was to get me to trade in my Prudence and get a new car.  Now car dealers always want you to buy new cars, but his spin was a little different.  Sure buying a car would be nice, however what they really wanted was my old car.  Apparently, used vehicles are at a premium, used Priuses (Prii, unsure of the plural of Prius) even more so.  I was lured by the shiny new vehicle and the heady scent of new car, but drove away in Prudence with a packet of promotional information and much on my mind.

Natalie was not initially supportive of the idea of a new vehicle with new drains on my income, but once the thought was there, it tickled at the back of my mind.  It took 3 more visits and much financial gymnastics on both sides of table.  In the end I said yes, and Prudence is no longer mine.  Even Natalie was impressed with the deal I got on the new Prius.

I named my new silver Prius, Sookie.  Sookie comes from a Dwight Yoakam song and I do like the character from Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Series.  So Sookie it is.  I got the car fresh off the truck with 1 whole mile on it.  And can I say I love my new car.  I promise I will check back with you when we reach 100,000 miles together.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Looking at Underthings At the History Museum

I admit it, I like corsets. So when friend Deborah told me that the Missouri History Museum had a new exhibit, Underneath it All (, I knew I had to go.  Today I found I had just the afternoon to do it.  With Deborah riding shotgun we headed down to the History Museum.

When I was in Girl Scouts, many years ago, I earned a Native American history badge at the museum.  The day was full of artifacts, history, and meeting other scouts, magic for a little girl from a small town.  The badge I earned that day was one of my favorite; I proudly wore it on my girl scout sash.  I think my love of history was born that day.  Since then any visit to the source of that memory is always a treat.

Add to the treat of the history museum, a good friend, and lingerie, well that all equals another memorable day.  The exhibit was fascinating with beautiful dresses and intriguing undergarments.  The displays had two sets of mannequinn, one in a garment, the other showing the foundation items underneath.  The displays start in the early nineteenth century and goes to now.  The exhibit left nothing to the imagination and women's underthings.  I was impressed by the fortitude of my female progenitors for not only wearing layers of clothing, but putting in a full day while doing it.  I am so lucky that my daily garb is not as constrictive. 

Friend Deborah, a committed reenactor, pointed out some details I would have missed.  We also discussed our favorite fashions and even what styles would be kindest for our figures.  As we got closer to time periods we were familiar with we pointed out items we both remembered our mothers wearing.  A delightful day was had by both of us.  I did get a few pictures of the displays, but the lighting is not kind for taking flashless photos.   I hope these few shots give you a flavor for the exhibit.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lip Service or Obsession with the Scots

While others have been obsessed with the other televised events from across the pond, I have been watching a television show about a group of lesbians in Scotland.  A BBC show called "Lip Service" (  Natalie found the program on netflicks.  This show is hot, as in steaming up my computer screen HOT!  Who knew Glasgow was such a mecca for lesbians? 

I have also been trying to watch the Showtime program, "L Word," but I am a little put off by the glossy magazine perfection of the women on that show.  Also, am I the only one shocked by how they can always find parking in LA next to local coffee house?  Oh yes, that is because LA is actually being filmed in Canada.  "Lip Service," is grittier and to be honest, messy enough to be real and did I mention very sexy?  Okay, let me just say it is down right in your face sex.

Neither show is about lesbians from my age group, both portray that lucky generation that gets to be out and about after Ellen.  The progress of lesbian characters from the previously pitiful representations in film and television is much needed.  However, if I had to chose between Lesbian Sex in the City, West or Dyketon Abbey, Scotland I would say sapphic Scots here I come (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).