Monday, June 30, 2014

June Knitting Wrap Up!

This month I almost forgot my building block (  Natalie reminded me about mid-month and I was doing some fast knitting to get it done.  The building block #6 has a right twist stitch in it.  I really liked how this stitch looks knitted up, but this stitch is a little tricky.  I did get the block done, but just barely.  I think the block turned out.  This also puts Natalie and I at the halfway mark for a afghan.  2014 is just flying by.

One of the reasons I was so late on my block was because I got a little obsessed with the Travel Slippers pattern from Katie Startzman's The Knitted Slipper Book.  It is a fun quick pattern, and I made myself some sweet slippers out of leftover yarn.  All very cool.  I find myself thinking I will probably make a few more of these for a few of my nearest and dearest.  Notice the well executed I-cord edge, Awesome!

Currently, Natalie and I are working on a secret, joint knitting project.  Will update when that cat is out bag.  Until then, craft on my friends.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Pride

We went to enjoy the rainbow lights downtown tonight.  Yes those are rainbow lights on the civil courts building paid for by civic money.  St Louis loves it's LGBTQ community. Making me proud of my hometown all over again.

And here we are trying to take a decent relfie in front of the civil courts.  We got to get better at that.

Friday, June 27, 2014

And My Hometown Does Me Proud!

Yesterday I went into work to find a message on my voicemail from a friend who also works for the city and she said there was going to be a press conference at 9 AM in the Mayor's office and I should be there.  I had no idea what was going on, but I trust my friend so off to silly hall I went. 

Something about the Mayor's office always makes me feel like I am in trouble, but I put some starch in my spine and marched right in.  The lobby of the office was full of reporters with cameras.  I stood by the door looking around, seeing no one I knew, but I noticed a rainbow flag in the corner with all U.S., state, and city flag.  Something was up, something I wanted to stay and find out more about.

A polite, young woman came up to me and we chatted about the purpose of the press conference.  She pulled up an article on her phone and pointed to it.  The previous night the Recorder of Deeds had issued 4 marriage licenses to 4 same sex couples.  Those couples had been married in the mayor's office and the press conference was to announce the City of St Louis was challenging the constitutionality of the state of Missouri's same-sex ban!  Yes, my hometown was standing with the  LGBTQ community.

The Mayor came in with 4 newly hitched same-sex couples.  He gave a great speech outlining the city's goal.  The goal to open marriage to same-sex couples.  The City Counselor's Office, the Recorder of Deeds, and the Mayor's office worked together to cause a case challenging the state's ban.  The Attorney General of Missouri had already filed an injunction to not allow the city to issue anymore same-sex marriage licences.  The Mayor said they will comply, but will continue to press this issue through the courts with the hope the ban will be proven unconstitutional.

I admit, I teared up with pride at my city.  Yes, this was an extremely orchestrated legal event, but little old Midwestern St Louis did it (  Also, seeing 4 couples happy and proud to be the first 4 same-sex couples legally married in Missouri filled me with joy.  I was so overwhelmed that after the press conference I hugged the Mayor.  Yes, I gave him one of those big girl happiness hugs.  I am a little embarrassed at myself for being so expressive, but you know happiness should be shared.  Congratulations to the newlyweds way to go St Louis!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not Forgotten

Sorry not to have blogged.  I have had so many things I have thought to blog about, but not blogged.  We have been house hunting, I have been obsessively cake hunting, Baby Sis has moved to town, and Pride is just around the corner. Much busyness. 

Finally, had some tough days with father's day last week and my dad's birthday tomorrow.  Still learning to cope.  Will catch up with my blog soon.

In the meantime, here are photos of details from some of the Cakeway to the West.  Because it is my obsession.

Katy Trail Cake in St Charles
Koi fish swimming on the side of the Grant's Farm Cake
Loved the Elephant on the side of the Eads Bridge cake
Praying Mantis on top of the City Museum Cake
Angriest Dove I have ever seen on the base the Christ Church Cathedral Cake

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Diamond Stitching

I just finished a cowl and mitts in a lace diamond stitch pattern.  I am going to say it was one of the most vexing stitch patterns every!  Okay, maybe not for everyone, but for me it was.  The pattern has a slip 2, knit, passover stitch that is impossible to tink out.  I put in stitch markers and counted and counted and counted, but still I just kept f***ing up.  I even wrote down the lace pattern on colored index cards to help me stay on track.  Once I was done with the cowl, I decided to make mitts to match.  Again, smaller yarn does not make a hard stitch pattern easier.  I made the mistake of taking the mitts to knit night.  Major mistake.  After much ripping back, I finally finished the mitts.  I am happy with the products, but my head still hurts from this stitch pattern.  No more diamond stitch patterns for me.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Congratulations to All the Newlyweds!!!

I just want to say congratulation to all the newlyweds in the states of Illinois, Oregon, and Pennsylvania!  May all your marriages be filled with joy.
Me as a miniature bride in a wedding when I was 3.