Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still Scanning: Egypt

Hathor Column at Deir el-Bahari
In 2000 I fulfilled a life long dream to go to Egypt.  I was lucky enough to join a tour headed by a good friend's uncle.  I am not going to lie it was not cheap, but I had dreamed of seeing Egypt since I was kid.  I was there for almost two weeks and I traversed from Alexandria all the way down to Abul Simbel.  It was a trip of a lifetime and I could yammer on about it endlessly.  I will spare you the chatter. 

Overlooking Giza
The real problem was I lost my photographs (as in the old fashion point and shoot kind).  I knew they were somewhere in my house and one day I would find them.  Recently, that became more than a thought, I stumbled on my captured images.  Because I have been the queen of scanning I decided to scan a few of my Egypt photos and share them with you and maybe brag just a little.

Hanging out with the Sphinx

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scanning the Past

I have said this before, I am not the most technically savvy person on the planet, but I do try. This afternoon I have been working on scanning old photographs.  Partly, this endeavor was because I came upon a suitcase full of old photos and because I truly do want to start thinking of moving those images to a digital environment.  Today was mostly photos of myself, narcissist that I am.  I am now able to visually see myself from birth to present, that is 46 years if you are counting.  I have put a bunch of images on facebook and I will put some on flickr too, but for you I will also put up a few more.  Lucky you!

Tempest in a Poncho 1971

Tempest 2004 Looking Almost Blond

I also scanned some of Natalie, but I will not share her milestone photographs without her express permission.  But it is hard she was such a cute toddler and a very hot teenager.  But I will share one of my favorite photographs of my wife.  She is giving the camera her best rakish smile that just melts my heart.  You can enjoy, just know she is taken, ;^y

Natalie 1998

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wavy Lace Capelet or Hello 1970s

I must be obsessed with capelets lately, because I have knitted another one from the Wavy Lace Capelet pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  I have wanted to knit this pattern for awhile, like in a more season appropriate time, but whatever it is ready for cooler temperatures. 

I actually have had this yarn for awhile.  I especially loved the colors of the yarn, harvest gold, avocado, orange, and browns, straight out of my mother's kitchen circa 1972.  This yarn is a homespun and dyed yarn from the Bethel Sheep Fest, a gift from the beloved Tammie and Fiona.  I have been very nervous about what I would knit with the yarn because they are both such amazing knitters.  When I saw this pattern and felt it would be a good fit for the yarn. 

Well, maybe I should have thought a little more about the comments on Ravelry.  Being a beautifully plus sized woman, you are all aware I have a tendency to over do things to accommodate my size.  The comments suggested the cast on was too large.  I did use a smaller size and even went down two needle sizes.  Yet it was still a little (okay more than that) too big.  I compensated by using a second button on the top band.

Overall, I liked the end result.  The capelet is definitely in my color palette. Now to wait for fall and the opportunity to show off my retro seventies capelet.  Waititng...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flesh for the Famous, or Celebrity Tattoos on the Web.

I have been playing a new game, on google when I am bored.  First I type in a celebrity's name followed by the word "tattoo" in google image.  I must admit I am amazed by all the fan flesh devoted to Fill in Star Name Here.  My quest started with Betty White, and I just did Mr. Rogers; both had several hits.  Try it the results are astounding.  One exceptionally devoted man has Julia Roberts tattooed on his body 82 times.  Don't get me wrong I love tattoos, but 82 times?  I am sure someone else out there has invented a game where they google a common household item like dinnerware and were shocked to find some crazy woman who has 6 pieces of Fiestaware tattooed on her back.