Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keeping My Pants On In Hancocks.

Some days I wonder that I am even allowed out of the house.  Today while looking at magazines in Hancocks with my lovely wife I felt something weird in the right leg of my pants.   I did that test twist of my shin in the pant leg and I could distinctly feel something alien caught between my flesh and fabric.  I didn't know what it was, but was almost certain it was a bug or worst yet a spider.  My heart skipped a beat and I said to Natalie, "There is something in my pant leg."

She gave me the are you speaking in tongues look and said, "What?"

My voice went up an octave and I repeated, "There is something in my pants."

Natalie heard the panic and was on her knees feeling my pants for the offending lump in a second.  I held still, afraid whatever it was would bite me, pleading, "Get it out."

Natalie found the lump and was squishing it up against my leg, I felt something pokey on my right shin.  "Natalie," I wailed.  "Get it out before it bites me."

"I'm trying baby, but it is stuck I can't get it out."  She was trying to reach up my pant leg, but I could feel more pokiness.

At this point I envisioned a spider taking a chunk out of my skin and I wanted it gone, RIGHT NOW.  I looked around and Hancock's wasn't that busy and I thought, well if I drop my pants, we can get it out quicker and I won't get bit.  I had my pants unbuttoned and unzipped ready to drop trou, deep in panic mode.

"Got it!"  Natalie said and then I heard her laugh.  "What is this doing in your pants?" 

I looked down and she was holding one of my green point protectors and laughing at me.  Yes I was about to show off my tighty whities for one green knitting needle point protector.  I refastened my pants as I began laughing too.  I have no idea how the item got there, but you know I was very relieved it wasn't a spider and that I can still show my face to the good people who work at Hancocks.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Know You Are Tired of This But...

I know you are all tired of hearing my go on and on about my change in maritial status, but I just can't help it.  It is the weirdest thing, and I would have never believed it had you told me, I love being married to Natalie.  I look at her and still just smile, I am so lucky to have found her.  Okay, call me silly, I don't care, I love my wife.

Rewind back to 1992, we did have a big union ceremony with a preacher, a flower girl, rings, and lots of wonderful people around us.  We planned and saved up money for the event, my mother made me (don't laugh) a teal dress and I had shoes dyed to match.  There was dining and dancing, it was all very wonderful.  But you know it was just the two of us committing ourselves to each other. There was no commitment by our government to protect that bond and help us to maintain it.  Society as a whole did not even recognize we existed as a unit.  I remember going back to work on Monday and being asked how my weekend went, and replying nothing special. 

Fast forward to the present and I have done everything, but blow up the license and put it on a billboard.  Thankfully, times have changed.  But not our rings.  During our vows we exchanged the wedding rings we bought in 1992.  On our last trip into the Recorder of Deeds in Iowa City Natalie asked if I wanted a new wedding ring.  The thought of replacing my old ring seemed unheard of to me.  All the history and love in that little band of gold make it worth so much more.  However, an improvement could be made on the ring.  We decided to get our wedding rings engraved with the date.  I am very pleased with the results. Somethings do make a difference and to me being able to get married has meant the world.  Thank you for indulging me on this point.

Photo by the Always Amazing Sungazing Photography

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lagniappe or Oh Katia

Sometimes you just fall in love with the novelty of a yarn and just have to have it.  I saw this Katia by Triana at Knitorious and wanted to make these lovely ruffly scarves.  Fortunately, my wonderful friends Tammie and Fiona had birthdays coming up.  Though I already had presents for both of these lovely ladies, I decided they needed birthday lagniappes. 

I love the word, lagniappe.  A lagniappe is a Cajun/Creole word meaning a little something extra.  I like getting those unexpected bonuses in my life and so do be able to do that for someone or someones I love, is almost like getting a lagniappe for myself.

The yarn has at the top a little slit which is the opening used for knitting.  When knitted up the yarn makes this awesome ruffled fabric.  I discovered the yarn in a half knitted scarf laying on the table at the lys and said, "What's this?"  Of course I picked up the scarf and the needle fell out.  Whoops!!!  Sadly, this is tricky yarn and once you drop a stitch, it is very hard to pick it up again.  Sandy, the owner of Knitorious, had to start all over again.  It is a good thing Sandy likes me and I bought some yarn from her that day 'cause I was in the dog house on this one. 

With my novelty yarn in my knitting bag I began on my lagniappe scarves.  I knitted up the scarves and had bonus round presents for two of my favorite people.  As you can see from the photo of Tammie in her gift, she looks FABULOUS!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fiestaware and Me, or What Came in the Mail Today

You know I love fiestaware; okay you know I love fiestaware almost as much as I love my wife.  Today I got a special package of love from the good people of Norby's in Minnesota. Long have I coveted a set of fiestaware backing bowls (because I bake so much).  Sadly, the set usually is available only in one color.  Now I like lots of color in my life and I have been longing for the set in greens.  I even wanted it to go from darker greens to lighter greens because I am picky that way.  A very tall and pricey order, but with patience, time on the Internet, and of course a credit card number the set of my dreams is now part of my fiesta hoard.

I have the 6 quart in evergreen, the 4 quart in shamrock, and the 2 quart in lemongrass.  I am feeling the love here.  Makes me almost want to bake, almost.  The evil fiestaware designers at Homer Laughlin have also added a 2 piece smaller set of bowls that will nest snugly with the others.  I am still wavering on color choice, but in time I will have the whole 5 piece, because fiestaware is my drug of choice.

In my quest for the baking bowls, I discovered my lovely Masquerade Mirro flatware set had an additional party set available ( ).  I was like "What? What?"  I chewed on the idea of buying the set and after 5 minutes of internal dialogue with my superego, id hit the buy button.  Superego can chastise me when I get the credit card bill, but oh are they lovely. 

The set has cocktail forks and spoons with a very small spreader.  I need to make it a point to find more reasons to use all colorful accouterments.  If nothing else,  just to show everything off.  And just to keep with my theme for the year, I am just so damn lucky to be surrounded by so much brightly colored dinnerware.