Friday, November 27, 2015

Bat Mobile Or Itty Bitty Battys

Natalie and I heard we were getting a new niece awhile back.  I decided to knit her something and fate would bring Rebecca Danger's little monsters into my life.  I kind of fell in love with her itty bitty batty and saw a group of them made into a bat mobile.  The original plan was for Natalie and I to knit the bats together, but after knitting 2 of these bats, my control issues kicked in and I decided I would do it all myself.  I was frugal and used up most of the leftover Simply Worsted form the build a block blanket.  I had fun with this project and was excited to give the finished bat mobile to our new niece, the Divine Miss O.  The gift was a hit and now I can publicly crow about my knitting prowess.  Actually, the hardest part was the mobile.  I never was very good at mobiles.  Mobiles need precision and balance, things I do not possess in abundance.  I also made the bat mobile so as the Divine Miss O gets older they can cut the cords and she can have a colorful bat family.  Enjoy new niece!