Friday, February 21, 2014

Perfect Weather for Knitting

Nothing better than staying home on a cold wintery day and snuggling in with a blanket and knitting the day away.  I have had a few of those days this month and knocked out some fun things. 

First with my Baby Sis' birthday at the end of January I knitted her a small pair of those half moon mittens.  The small size fit her perfectly.  I hope they keep her hands warm for years to come.

I also knocked out building block #2 for our monthly knit along.  This month the point was to learn how to read a knitting pattern chart. I didn't have any problem, it was easy to remember.  Natalie end up writing it out.  I don't think she will ever like reading a chart.

Finally, I got annoyed with the pattern I was working on and decided to do something easy.  I dug through my scraps and knitted another antimacassar.  I now have 3 antimacassar hanging out in my home.  I think my goal is to knit 9 of these and then sew them all together and make a throw.  But who knows how this scheme will end.

Here is hoping during all this cold and snowy weather you have stayed warm and cozy in all your wonderful knitted accessories. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scrupulously Polite and Obliquely Dismissive

You know exactly what I mean when I say someone is scrupulously polite and obliquely dismissive.  Someone who is professional, but not helpful even though they obviously know something that may help you.  A co-worker told me about this phrase and I immediately knew what she meant.  I have found this behavior more often in connection with doctors' offices and government agencies which want you out of there space, quickly.

 Even I cannot say I am above this behavior.  I find when I am shopping I do not want to be sucked into anyone else's' drama.  I am very quick to extract myself from anyone who even tries to throw themselves on my mercy in the spice aisle at Shop N' Save or ask me about underwear while I am at Target.  And woe be to the hapless woman who dared to ask me how to get out of the store while I was deep in shopping Nirvana at IKEA.  I politely told her to follow the arrows and turned back to the amazing knives I was thinking about purchasing for $3.99.  Asking me a second time like I was some IKEA guru there for her convenience was a mistake.  Her mistake.  She was very lucky my mother and Natalie were close by and interceded before I tested one of those knives on her, but I digress.

The next time you hit one of those walls of civil unhelpfulness, remember the phrase, "Scrupulously polite and obliquely dismissive."  Also make sure the person isn't a plus-sized, middle-aged, woman swooning over knives at IKEA that curtain of niceness may drop very sharply.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Luxury Yarn, Am I Worth It?

There are some amazing yarns out there in the fiber world.  These specialty yarns are so sumptuous, so tempting, so pricey.  I try to hold out and not be seduced by unusual fibers, but to be honest some days I can't even turn down wool blend yarns on rock bottom close out prices.  Last year on my birthday I found myself falling for a skein of Jade Sapphire Moonlight yarn.  The yarn was on sale, but it was still expensive for my budget and for the price I would get only 120 yards of cashmere and combed mink.  I can't deny it was luxurious to the touch and dyed a lovely shade of dark green.  I remember fondling it, looking at the price, putting it down, walking away, turning round and repeating this cycle several times before dragging out the plastic and taking a yummy skein home with me.  I think about that moment and I want to time travel back and tell my silly self either buy two skeins or walk away.  It is really hard to find a good project for 120 yards of anything.

I scoured Ravelry, my own library, and even my own past projects for just the right pattern.  I just kept not having enough yarn to make anything.  I was about to give up when I thought about what exactly I wanted to make with the buttery soft yarn.  Soft yarn would be nice against my skin.  My neck could use a barrier against the cold weather we have been experiencing lately.  I could make a cowl in a fun stitch pattern.  My friend, Lenora, had introduced me to a stitch pattern called the fluted banister. I love how this stitch looks and it gives a great texture to a knitted fabric.  I have made one of these cowls before out of an alpaca blend yarn and loved the end product. I was hoping for a similar result with the Jade Sapphire cashmere blend.

Alpaca Blend Cowl
However, cashmere is not as elastic as alpaca.  Though the cowl fits well, it stretches out very quickly.  I sewed on a small button and now I have a very cozy cowl.  Yet, I think about the other cowl knitted with the alpaca blend fibers, yarn I got on clearance at Tuesday Morning.  I liked that cowl, and it was very warm too, but it was given away to warm someone else's neck.  I am left asking myself, am I really worth such luxurious yarn?  Of course I am, aren't we all.

Jade Sapphire Moonlight Cashmere and Mink Blend Cowl

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Sis!

Today in the eleventh hour I want to wish my baby sister happy birthday.  I am really lucky to have a baby sister so much younger then me.  She keeps me young at heart, though as I get older being young at heart can be very exhausting.  I have been impressed by the adult she has become. 

Jess in the Casablanca Wavy Scarf
Though she has many admirable qualities, the fact that she is knit worthy is one of my favorite things about her.  I have been knitting things for her almost since the beginning of my knitting obsession. She is always happy to get my latest creation.  Vain knitter that I am, she tells me everyone compliments the items I make her.  Finally, the girl can rock some knitwear.

So happy birthday baby sis, and I see many more knitted items in your future.