Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creeping Along at a Petty Pace

My new year's resolution this year is to work on enjoying the journey more, instead of always focusing on the destination.  I would like to say I am doing just that, smelling the flowers and luxuriating in the gorgeousness of Spring, but I am not.  I am doing the usual rush, rush of life and cursing at the obstacles in my way.  I seem to never learn.

Yesterday, I was off and had a whole day to just do what I wanted to do.  I had thought my journey on Friday would be between my futon and my kitchen.  I would knit and enjoy some saved Top Gear episodes.  I saw myself as just being with no obligations (in other words I wanted to be very large slug).  Instead I had, the horror, to make the choice between two different lunch dates. I know, my life is a torturous thing.  Part of me was annoyed that I did not have my day of slugness.  However, another part felt elated to have such wonderful choices. 

My lunch companion was a  friend from my days at Silly Hall.  We spent over two hours in that comfortable shared company that needs no effort of congeniality.  The conversation ran from the absurd to the melancholic.  In all, the time was good and much better than watching TV.  We sat by a window and watched the sunny day go by as we chatted.  In many ways it was like going back into time when my life was much less cluttered by grief and worry.  I just wanted to crawl into that safe warm space and stay there.

I dropped my friend off with hugs and promises to "do this more often."  On the way home I was stung by the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and regret.  I guess some journeys are never ending despite how much we try to gracefully move forward.  I am left pensive and wishing I had just stayed a slug.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Girl, Big Yarn, Big Capelet or in the Pink

Last Fall at the suggestion of one of my knit mentors, Little Nell, I headed to the annual Weavers' Guild show.  I was not sure what to expect, but when I got there I was a little overwhelm by the amount of cool stuff they had for purchase.  I did some Christmas shopping and bought two hanks of hand spun and dyed wool. Both were big yarn, but I just could not resist the colors and the prices. 

As is usually the case with me, I buy the yarn and then I am in a quandary as to what I will knit with the yarn.  I try to be more focused with my hobby (I prefer avocation, but call it what you will) purchases, but a lone skein of green yarn in sale bin will get me every single time.  With that said, early on I saw a capelet formed from the pink pencil rovingish yarn.  I looked for a pattern I thought I would like and found the Cascade Magnum Capelet pattern.  I loved the look and from the photo, it appeared to be an easy pattern. 

Easy pattern or not I let my mouse do the surfing through Ravelry (an amazing online fiber community) and after reading several notes of people who had actually made the capelet, I eschewed buying the pattern and as always fearlessly knit on.  The pattern took about 4 good nights of knitting and figuring out how to do Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast-off (, but my capelet was done.  The pink yarn though lovely, needed something else, or maybe it is me, I always need that little something extra.  I had a green ribbon laying around so the two items were introduced and I had a lovely new garment.

A lovely new garment, that is about 20 degrees too warm for the current climate in St Louis.  I am tickled pink to see it done, but a bit blue that it will probably be Fall before I actually get the opportunity to show it off.  So you my dear readers get to see the debut of my latest knitted creation, I think it is lovely, and I am sure you will too.  Now to wait for cooler weather.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I am in Love with the Fiestaware Flamingo Color

SEE, Aren't they FABULOUS?  I am in love with this new Fiestaware Flamingo color. It is as if Homer Laughlin knew what I would love.  Much, much, much love.


I just heard the good people at Homer Laughlin announced the new Fiestaware color for 2012 is FLAMINGO!!!  Can you hear me squealing with glee?  Trust me the sound was worthy of any thirteen year old girl.  The color looks gorgeous! I will be stalking my fiestaware haunts in search of a first sighting.  I know this is not as big as world peace or global recognition of same sex marriage, but I am very excited.  Go look it is beautiful!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snitting Needles

I am in a bit of a snit right now.  I have all kinds of knitting needles, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, blue ones, and shiny ones.  My needles are made of plastic, wood, metal, and mystery materials.  They come in a single connected by a cord,  or sets of two, four, five, and I even have an elaborate collection that clicks together.  Call them straight, circular, or dpn (double pointed needles), I have all types.  However, without fail, no matter how many needles I have, I never ever seem to have what I need when I sit down to knit.  Yesterday, I bought six circular needles in six different sizes and lengths.  Yet when I started to knit, I still did not have the needle I needed.  I ask you knitters everywhere near and far, do you ever have enough needles?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes, or Year One of Married Life

Today I am lucky enough to celebrate, my one year anniversary as well as my 46th birthday.  If you remember last year, Natalie and I eloped to Iowa and were married (  For newlyweds it has been a good year.  We have continued on with our lives, living as everyone does with the usual ups and downs.  This year has seen changes for gay and lesbian couples in America.  New York state became the 6th state to say yes to same sex marriage, thank you for that New York.  Maryland and Washington states are also saying yes to marriage for all of their citizens.  Things in California are looking up too, the courts are setting precedents saying it is discrimination to not allow same sex marriage. New Jersey is also on board to legalize same sex marriage. 

Circa 1989

I hope that my friends and family recognize that after 24 plus years together Natalie and I deserve the rights all married couples enjoy.  Natalie and I have made the trek to a law office and done everything we could to get the rights of a married couple, but a court of law could take those away from us, if pressed.  I have no family medical leave from my job if Natalie gets sick and I need to take care of her because they do not offer domestic partner benefits.  The federal government does give Natalie family medical leave for partners, but stops there.  I am not covered under her health insurance as a spouse should be.  Nor am I eligible for her pension if something were to happen to her, despite 20 years of taking care of her life while she has been all over the world for the government.  These are hard pills to swallow as I age and think about our future as a lesbian couple.  Possibly, next year I may be blogging that the federal government put on their big girl pants and started recognizing marriage licenses for all their citizens. I can only hope.  And I do hope.

Commitment Cermony 1992

Don't get me wrong things have improved, improved by bounds.  Natalie left a ROTC scholarship in college partially out of fear of being discovered as a lesbian.  Now photos of gay marines are on the Internet charming (some people) with their much deserved homecoming kiss.  Polls are in our favor, we are cresting the 50% approval  for same sex marriage (  I have hope.  Hope that you my friends and family will see my life with Natalie and realize that we do not bring end times with us only the dream that one day, we will be legally married in the United States.  Maybe this time next year for my second anniversary I can have the gift of equality.

Cousin's Wedding Fall 2011