Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rainbow Knitting

2 Washcloths and a Hand Towel

After the history making Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, I felt driven to knit up some rainbow themed coasters.  As you can guess coasters do not take a significant amount of yarn.  After 4 coasters I found myself with a bag full of unused rainbow hued, cotton yarn. About the same time one of my straight, not narrow friends gave us rainbow beach towels for the new house.  With yarn in hand, I thought I should knit some linens to match.  A hand towel and two washcloths later, I still find myself with some extra yarn.  However, I am very pleased with my triple rainbow accomplishments fancying up the bathroom on the second floor. 

Washcloth Matching the Rainbow Towel

Coaster that Launched Half a Dozen More Projects

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Open House

As I have said we have moved and it was hard.  Early on in this process we started telling people, "Oh yeah and we will have a big open house."  Well today we had to do just that have the much promised open house.  I wanted to do it a little fancy and send out invitations with a photo of us on the front.  With help from my sister we did just that.

We opened our door and hoped for a good turn out, and we were not disappointed.  You came with gifts of plants, flowers, food, and knitted things.  You came with smiles and good wishes.  You came and filled our home with love and joy.  You saw our new home on its best day and listened to our stories of all the work that went into the house.  Thank you so much and know we were overwhelmed by the out pouring of excitement and generosity.  We are so lucky to know so many wonderful and kind people.
Sadly, some of you could not make it, we missed you, but we understand life is full of many things and sometimes there is not enough hours in the day to do everything.  Also, some of you live far and away from us.  However, you are always welcomed in our home and we look forward to giving you a tour of the new digs.  Sadly, I can say you missed some amazing almond butter cake made by my beautiful wife.  I cannot promise we will have that in abundance for your visit. 
As always, thank you for all the support in the last year, your kindness and patience with us is much appreciated.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Finishing the Building Block Blanket & a Tunic Too!

Call me the queen of finished projects!

First I finished my building block blanket.  You know the one Natalie and I worked on in 2014?  I crocheted the blocks together and then did an awesome crochet border.  So happy to call it done!

And then I finished a cotton tunic with sleeves!  Trying to impress you by adding the "with sleeves."  However, because the tunic was cotton, I kind of sucked at sewing the sleeves.  Also, once again I forgot my 3X body has almost non-existent shoulders.  Even with my I-cord edging I am still looking at a droopy neckline.  When will I learn to go down a couple sizes at the very top.  Better luck next time, because done is DONE!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Public Service Announcement About Sticky Fly Traps

Over the weekend we bought these sticky fly traps to help us with the mosquitoes which are eating us alive in the back yard.  We have a drain under the back porch and we have been pouring some chemicals in the drain to kill the evil little bugs, but still they are still thick.  We thought that these traps would help.  However, after 24 hours the only thing it caught was one large woman.  I was trying to unstick a wind sock, which got caught on the trap, and in the process the trap got stuck to my arm.  When I pulled it off my arm it flipped back and hit me in the chin and then landed on my shirt.  It took some effort to remove the damn thing from my shirt.  It took even more effort to remove the sticky residue from my person.  When I poked the now destroyed fly trap, stuck to the patio, not a bug was on it.  Apparently, it was designed to trap silly, middle-aged, lesbians.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today I discovered that I am homesick.  Homesick for my comfort zone.  Homesick for a place where I know where everything is.  Homesick for that feeling of coming home throwing myself down on the futon,  kicking my shoes off, and sleeping until I wake up and know exactly where I am.  I know, I am just pitiful.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yarn Crawl or How I Busted My Budget

This weekend was the St Louis area yarn crawl.  Last year I didn't do the crawl because we were shopping for a house.  And as I have mentioned with the move, I have been on a yarn diet. I have also mentioned that I have fallen off that wagon.  Well, any thought that I might climb back on that wagon was blown this weekend.  I bought yarn at 5 of the 7 shops.  I tried to purchase something at every shop to support women owned small businesses, and because I like all these ladies, and of course I love yarn.  I enjoyed seeing everyone in my travels too.

My New Preciouses
However, I did break my budget.  Feeling a little guilty about that, but it is done and I have new yarn.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hurtful, Hate-filled, Homophobia

Today my spouse and I went to her grandmother's funeral.  Her grandmother had lived a long, full life loving her family, quilting, and gardening.  She was a faith filled woman, who struggled with her granddaughter's choices to move away from small-town Missouri and live with another woman. After 30 years she had at least accepted that I wasn't going away. I went with Natalie, as her spouse, to  be her support and comfort as she has been for me as I struggled with my own losses.

Most funerals are sad and this one was no exception.  However, shortly after the first hymnal the preacher lauded the family for their traditional family values.  He asked that everyone help him pray for those traditional marriage values that are currently under attack by the government.  Our heads snapped up and we knew we were no longer welcomed as many of the attendees started nodding their heads in agreement.  The same heads that share DNA with my beloved.  It hurt me to see so much hate around me.  It was appalling to know in the room there were young people being taught to hate those that are different, and in some cases hate themselves.  The cutting remarks were even sadder than the reason we were there.

We did not leave, but stayed for the rest of the service.  The small minded preacher went on to talk about the importance of love,  Jesus is love, he felt surrounded by love, and love of the Lord is the highest form of love.  He concluded by inviting all of us to share in a dinner prepared for all of us with love at his church.  We decided to skip the dinner.

Natalie said to me on the ride home, "After that there was nothing else he said that I wanted to hear."

Love may have won last month, but hate still exists and flourishes in small-towns and small minds.