Saturday, December 27, 2008

Casting Spells

OK I am over the holidays. Instead I want to mention what I am reading. At the library (where I work) I found this silly book by Barbara Bretton called Casting Spells ( It is a paranormal mystery, knitting, romance novel. The fairies, shape shifters, and sorceresses all knit. The heroine has her own LYS called Sticks and Strings and magically while there you always get gauge and never drop a stitch. She also has a never ending supply of roving to spin with. It is all very...well...disneyesque. I wish it was a little better written, it is a little clunky around the edges, but I love the idea of the story. To be a witch, with a specialty in yarn. There is a little yearning on my part at that idea.

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