Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clapotis Anyone?

Warning to the non-knitter this is a very knitterly post, but further examples of my character flaws will be included in the post which may be entertaining. This is about my Clapotis (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTclapotis.html ) and for a non-knitter this project has become like a rite of passage for a newbie knitter. In this project you learn to increase, decrease, pull out stitches and in general knit something pretty that actually has very little purpose, but to look fetching.

My problems started when I found this lovely metallic rayon yarn in aubergine and silver by Blue Heron Yarns (http://www.blueheronyarns.com/ ). I fell in love with yarn and knew I had to have it for my own. I could see myself wrapped in it like the Queen of the Night from the Magic Flute. The yarn was bought and went into my stash. Occasionally, I would take the yarn out and stroke it sometimes imagining the lovely garment that it would produce. Time and other projects kept me from my desired object.

At last this July the time was upon me. No more sock classes, no more baby items to knit only me, the Blue Heron Yarn, and the pattern for a Clapotis. A friend had actually made one a little larger than the pattern called for and of course I had to knit the supersized one too. After much thought, advice, and a few mis-starts I was on my way to project obsession. Like a relationship I took my project bag with me everywhere. I stayed up until the wee hours of the night knitting. The Clapotis was the last and first thing I would think about in a day. I was Glenn Close and my Queen of the Night Clapotis was Michael Douglas. Folks it was not pretty.

On my way back from Bethel I had the boiled bunny moment. I had more pattern than yarn with about seven inches to knit. I was surrounded by master knitters when the melt down happened. They were very gracious about my predicament. I tried to control myself on the outside, but internally I was going done in flames. I felt betrayed by my yarn, the pattern, and my own overwhelming desire to supersize everything.

But all was not lost, I went to Ravelry, my one stop virtual knit network. I stalked others who had also used the aubergine/silver Blue Heron metallic rayon yarn for projects. I targeted people who had finished projects made with my beloved yarn. I sent out the call of distress, begging for their leftover yarn. I only needed about 2 oz. of the yarn and hoped for help. Out of about a dozen emails, four wonderful knitters replied. Aggie from Brooklyn was my knit hero extraordinary. She sent me the perfect amount of yarn. She refused to accept my offer to pay and even sprung for the postage. I am not worthy, but my now finished Clapotis is.

I also found where I went wrong, I had put in one too many increases and one too many length repeats, major opps. However, all those sins are in the past. My beautiful Queen of Night Clapotis is done and it is love, much love.

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