Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Knitting a Religion?

So today the hospice chaplain stopped by to check on my dad. He was a very nice man and since dad spent most of the day asleep in the chair, I got to be the focus of his ministry. I am not complaining, the man was nice, but what do you say when asked about a belief system and you have no belief system? I tried to be polite about it and deflect the question, but final he directly asked what I believed in. The best I could come up with was, "I believe in knitting."

I do find peace in knitting (ok maybe not lace knitting). My mind reaches a zen like place of knits and purls. Instead of prayers I have my row count, and patterns replace scripture. I know that may sound like sacrilege, but for me I find as much truth in these things as I ever did in religion. Right now as I watch my father waste away, the three washcloths I have knitted have been as comforting as anything else.

So I guess from now on when asked what faith I am, I will just respond, "Knitting."

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