Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Look, or Showing off My Fiestware

Back in May I crowed on and on about my wonderful friend at Sungazing Photography taking tea party pictures of my beloved wife and I in the briar's of Eureka.  The sweetheart gave me a disk of digital images of the tea party so I could spruce up my blog.  As you can see I am like a proud parent showing off new born pics.  Just look at my lovely pieces of fiestaware pottery.  I can't get over how cool the colors contrasted and I especially love how everything is set up on the funky little table.  And can I just say those orange daisies are the bomb! 

Sungazing took so many wonderful photos, it was so hard to chose which ones we just had to have.  In fact it took us almost six weeks to decide, but we decided on an official photo of the two of us, with three individual ones to go underneath.

Sungazing gets many thanks from me.  She brought out our personalities in a way which makes me not care that I am the size of a barn and no longer the spring chicken running around the a fore mentioned barn.  We look good, flaws and all and still in love with one another. 

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog you can see even more of my adorable dishes. As and added bonus you can see my wife and I acting like buffoons, but you know what can I say who cares as long are entertaining somebody.


ariel said...

These pictures are fantastic! Beautiful tea set, beautiful couple!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Aww that is the sweetest thing, thank you Ariel.