Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trying Not to Bore You, But...

I have not blogged because other than the invasion of cicadas, I have not been inspired to blog.  Though hearing all those bugs pleading for sex is interesting in a Wild Kingdom kind of way, I think that is really all I can say about it.  Besides red-eyed bugs are just a little creepy for some people. 

I have had the same kind of problem with my knitting, I am really not feeling inspired to knit.  I have been knitting, but not in that obsessive, MUST KNIT, kind of way.  Maybe the passion I experienced for making shoelaces just tapped me out.  I mean where do you go after making your own shoelaces?

I decided to make a few washcloths just to knit something.  I used up the cotton yarn I had purchased for the shoelaces and went to town.  Nothing goes together better than hot pink and lime green as far as I am concerned.  Not only that, but I love how a hand knit washcloth looks after a couple of washes.  I am hoping my knitting mojo picks up soon, or I may have to change hobbies and start bug watching.


Charade said...

And now your washcloths match your shoelaces! Love it.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

You are always so sweet. Thank you.