Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Put A Ring On It!

Sorry not to post, but I have been a) busy b) boring c) uninspired and d) all of the above.  Even now I am on the cusp of uninspired, but I need to post something so I still feel like a blogger.  Today I will blog about rings.

I am no Ringo Starr, but I do like to wear rings.  I admit I like showy rings with flashy colorful stones.  I do have rings that have some bling, but sometimes it is not the bling which makes a ring important to me.  My simple gold band from 1992 is my favorite ring.  No bling, just years of representing the commitment to my wife, Natalie.

However, recently Natalie has been wanting us to get new wedding rings.  After months of resisting I gave in.  Actually, I gave in because I thought once she saw how pricey wedding rings were she would decide to fore go a new ring.  I forgot how determined my wife can be.  After jewelry stores and online searches we came to an accord and now have new rings. 

We bought fancy rings with bling.  I am a little overwhelmed by how different the old rings are from the new rings.  I can't believe the same two women picked them out, but we did.  However, it is not the appearance of the new rings that I love.  It is the inscription on the inside which makes my ring special.  We both have the date, 3/4/2011 and the words, "At Last."  So much history in two simple words. 

Top ring purchased in 1992, Bottom ring the new look of love sparkling with gems.