Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Summer Caking

This summer I spent much of my evenings and weekends looking for the St Louis 250 Birthday Cakes.  I traveled long and far to collect photographs of these crazy cakes.  It became this quest which required a list, google maps, instagram, and gas.  Good thing I drive a Prius. 
What started as just taking a few photographs of the cakes close to my house became an obsession which drove some of my friends on facebook crazy.  In the process I re-discovered my city, found parks I never knew existed, and drove to the ends of the St Louis metropolitan area and then some.  I found 252 cakes and even made a silly little video.  I enjoyed myself and regret nothing.

The Venice Café Cake is my favorite.

The Daniel Boone House Cake is one of the prettiest designs.
The Aerie's Winery Cake has the best view.
The Malcolm Martin Cake is the most surprising location with its geyser and pristine park.

One of my favorite details is the Elephant on the Eads Bridge Cake.

And my favorite photograph at the St Charles Heritage Site is the one with my dear friend, Kim, who inspired me to start cake hunting.
My summer was full of cakes, and in the end finding them made me happy and I regret nothing.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly how I feel about the adventure. I started quite by accident because I spotted my first cake (Luvy Duvy's) before it was officially placed. When I found the website and the list, I was on a mission. I was about a month into my hunt when I found out about the app so I went back and retraced my steps. Then I found out I wasn't getting all my points so I had to go back again. Started February 23rd and ended Saturday, September 21, with #250 at Express Scripts. I've loved it. Three 150+ miles trips. Like you, finding parks I never heard of. Going places I didn't know about (Lone Elk Park and World Bird Sanctuary) and had always wanted to visit (Black Madonna Shrine). And getting to connect with others who share this crazy obsession!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I would not trade my caking summe for a trip to Disneyland.