Monday, October 6, 2014

An Iconic Vacation to Chicagoland

My beautiful wife and I went to Chicago for a 4 day, 3 night vacation.  Those 4 days were filled with many wonderous and iconic things.  First we had a nice drive and meet up with some of our dear friends for a good visit and dinner.  Selena and her mother were their normal gracious hosts basking us in their warmth and hospitality.

After leaving our friends we checked into our hotel, perfectly situated in the posh Gold Coast area of North Chicago.  We settled in for our stay.  Wednesday was more time with good friends, gambling the day away.  We even managed to squeeze in a yarn store called Knit Nirvana (  I bought some Wicked Madelinetosh and had a good time with the owner, Sue.  Our friends even took us out to eat at a Czech restaurant, Czech Plaza in Berwyn (  We had a great meal with liver dumpling soup and delicious pork tenderloin.  It is always hard to say goodbye to our friends, Bob and Greg, needing many hugs.

Thursday found us at the Contemporary Art Museum ( looking to have a meeting with David Bowie.  What a meeting it was.  The 90 minute multi-media exhibition of Bowie was amazing.  The costumes and the music alone were stunning.  I also got a kick out of all the crazy shoes, too.  It was an unexpected way to spend our Thursday.  We also got to see 2 Frieda Kahlo paintings, and wonder why the museum had a Fiat mounted on the wall.  We left happy that Sue at Knit Nirvana had suggest we go.  We also squeezed in another yarn store, Loopy Yarns (  Again another great yarn store with helpful people.

Thursday night was the main event, Fleetwood Mac in concert.  When I heard the classic line-up of Fleetwood Mac was going to be on tour, I knew I would kick myself if I missed it.  Sadly, St. Louis was not on the list of tour cities.  I did some hard thinking and decided, I only need one kidney, and bought the tickets.  I am so glad I did.  The group performed for over 2 and half hours.  They rocked and rolled.  The band gave their all for a great evening of the music I love.  Big Sigh!  After the concert it took us awhile to get a taxi and it started to rain, but all I could do was glow all the way back to the hotel.

We capped our vacation with a stop over at IKEA on the way out of town where we spent some dollars on Swedish design.  My car is still full of a kitchen island and a bathroom cabinet.  In all our vacation was full of icons and IKEA, Big Sigh!  Oh well in another year and a half I will get to go on vacation again.

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