Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Show Me Marriage!!!

Today a judge said it is unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples the right to be married in St. Louis MO, my home town.  I blogged about this case ( and here we are, on the right side of history.  The Recorder of Deeds announced they are ready to start issuing licenses and will be opened 8-5 tomorrow to do just that.  Even the Secretary of State has said there will be no stay on this ruling.  What this means is if you want a marriage license tomorrow, same-sex couples will not be denied. 

When I got the call today with the good news, I was with my wife.  We squeezed hands and as soon as I was off the call we kissed and laughed, then I shed a few tears of joy.  It has finally happened.  Not only are we legally married in our home state, but now if we weren't already married we could go tomorrow and get married.  So wonderful.

We have had some calls, text messages, and facebook inquiries, if Natalie and I are going to get married, again.  Natalie's response was, "How many times do we have to get married?"  I am agreeing with her, we have had a union ceremony, registered as domestic partners, and been married in Iowa.  No big ceremony, no "yes to the dress" thing, and I am definitely saying no to the muscholli.  However, I am ecstatic for all the couples that can finally get married.  I wish them all the biggest congratulation.  Happy Day!!!

Natalie and I singing with excitement over marriage equality in our home state

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