Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big Green Poncho Done!

Remember when I said I wanted to knit a big green poncho for myself this year? ( ) Well, call that goal done!  After many hours of knitting and fussing over the pattern I am calling this a done deal.  Thanks to my friend Amy I can prove how done I am, with afabulous photo and all.

Now that I have bragged about my poncho, I am going to bitch about it too.  I am a person who wants to believe that the people who write patterns know more than I do about knitting.  I trusted the pattern writers to guide me correctly through this project.  Meanwhile, my instincts kept telling me the designers were hiding that stockinette stitch always curls.  It can't help that it curls, it is just what all those knit stitches do when they are together.  I know that all the blocking in the world is not going to make it lie flat.  In the end I went with my instincts knit a seed stitch edge on the bottom, good call.

However when it came to adding a cowl to the poncho, I blithely knit on as instructed.  Half way through my brain started to know this was not going to end well.  In fact I started to think maybe I was going to hate the cowl on my beautiful poncho.  As a last ditch effort I did an I cord bind off, but the cowl rolled down and all you could see was the purl side.  It made me cross at my knitting and the pattern.  To salvage the poncho I folded the cowl over and sewed it down.  It does looks better, but I am still not sold on the cowl.  Since this will probably be the only time I wear the poncho before fall, I decided to let it sit for the summer.  Once we get back to milder weather I will wear it for awhile and see what I think.  If that cowl gets on my nerves too much, I am just going to have to remove it.  Fortunately, the cowl knit from picked upped stitches, with a little effort it can in fact become mitts.  We shall see.

Poncho with Cowl
Poncho with no Cowl

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