Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I have noticed that many people spend a great deal of time fussing over what others do during patriotic rituals.  I get it some people think those things are important, okay they are.  However, I always ask myself what is more important the symbols of freedom or the freedom itself?

For example I no longer say the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  I am polite when it is recited, but I stopped participating.  As an agnostic, I do not believe, one nation under God is appropriate.  First I don't believe it and second it feels ridiculous for me to repeat words I don't believe.  Wonderfully, I don't have to say it.  I have the freedom of speech, says so right there in the constitution, and I can refuse to recite the pledge of allegiance.  Thomas Jefferson would  be proud to know that I am exercising my rights.

Now if they ever go back to the original pledge of allegiance to the flag, I will gladly recite that oath anytime.

1892 version

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