Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mixed Bag

I lost my knitting today while on Cherokee Street. It is completely my fault for slopping it around like I did, but heck I didn't deserve to lose it. I know it fell off when I was in some narrow little shop looking at some little trinket or such. To be fair, I was not overwhelmed by the project. I bought the yarn to make a scarf for a friend's birthday (one that is already past). The colors were turning out wrong for her so I was knitting with no clue where the scarf would end up, but you know me, once started must be finished (Juno aside). I did not expect for the project to end up on the mean streets of Cherokee. I think the thing I regret most is losing my number 8 Crystal Palace needles. They were the first set of real knitting needles I purchased almost 2 years ago.

Second, if you want to see picture of Cuz's new man go to and look for amysuemc76. For a little guy he is awfully hansome.

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