Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There is a Light

And my knitting is found, but not home yet. The abundance of snow has kept me from retrieving my Crystal Palace #8s. Tomorrow is another day, or maybe Friday is another day, since I don't see getting my knitting back until then. But all is well. I dropped the whole kit and caboodle in a chandler shop on Cherokee Street. It was kind of a cool shop (literally), with lots of beautiful hanging lights and one horrid elk antler chandler. I thin the thing that surprised me was the ugliest light had the largest price tag. It is the sort of thing I would expect to see in a haunted house or the most testosterone inspired man cave.

Cuz and Deuce are home. He appears to be figuring out the rules for life on the outside. Again there are more photos at on amysuemc76 account. I must admit Deuce is a very cute baby, but I am prejudiced. Could beloved Cuz produce anything else, I ask you?

Off work today because of snow and using companion's computer, which is slow as glacier drift before global warming. But nice to just be blogging along.