Saturday, July 25, 2009

Southern Yarn Crawl: Tennessee

In the middle of July, I was off for vacation to Florida to see baby Kaelab. Taking advantage of the drive through a very lush southland by visiting the yarn stores. I sent little snipets of my trip as I went, but I want to gush some more about the crawl.
I visited 5 stores in four different states. Nashville Tennessee was the first one on the trip. With the Knitter's, Crocheters', Weavers', & Spinners' Travel Guide and my cellphone in hand I made my way to the first location.
Last October, beloved Cuz and I made a jaunt to Nashville and I blogged about the city then ). I stand by my comments. Nashville is a city I would love to get to know better. There is a good vibe in the city, the knitters are very friendly, and the yarns shops very nice. Bliss Yarns ( ) in Suburban Nashville was right off the highway and full of knitters clacking happily along. The shop was nicely organized and full of beautiful and tempting accessories, like project bags and needle cases. I found the book selection especially good. I was impressed by the friendly staff and the big comfy couches (notice the plural). The shop appeared to be a hub of knitter social activity with a large table for adults to sit at and a small table full of toys for future knitters.
The only negative thing I will say about the shop is I found the yarn selection not as varied as some of the other shops I visited. She had a nice selection of Cascade and sock yarns. I fell in love with this particularly yummy green and black colorway TY-DY sock yarn. I look forward to dropping by the shop the next time I am in the neighborhood.
I also took advantage of being in the same city with one of my favorite deli's, Noshville in Nashville ( ) . I love the name, but the food is especially delicious. They even have a dill pickle bar! I also found out that Noshville actually has 3 locations throughout the area. Sadly, the deli has no dinner hours, breakfast and lunch only.
I even saw a guy in a kilt filming a commerical on my way out of town. I love Nashville.

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