Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flamingo Fever or Why My Bathroom is Pink

Once upon a time (or when I was in college) in a land far, far away (or Phelps County, MO where I went to college) while I had way to many California Coolers an obsession began. In my inebriated state instead of pink elephants appearing to me, I was visited by pink flamingos. Sometime the next day when my hangover began to dissipate, the vision of flamingos stayed and suddenly they started multiplying all over my apartment.
Through the years my flock got bigger and bigger until I was surrounded by the fabulous birds everywhere I went. I have mirrors, dishes, bowls, rugs, pictures, bottles, cups, and even a toilet brush holder with flamingos on it. Friends buy me flamingos for my birthday and Christmas and my wonderful mother even made me a flamingo quilt. I have so many that at some point I designated my bathroom as the flamingo nature preserve. Men often have issues using my bathroom it is so pink.
Last birthday (not the most stellar birthday) I received two more editions to the flock and I had no place to put them. With luck and a hot pink shelf I got a whole new roosting area for my flock. The two on the far right are my newest pair, Herb and Andrean given to me by Transplant Mom. I love that they are so garish and perfect for me.

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