Thursday, August 6, 2009

Southern Yarn Crawl: Georgia & Kentucky

Sorry to not have blogged recently, I am trying to get accustom to my new schedule. Not had much time to devote to my virtual life. I want to finish my account of the last two shops I visited on my vacation.
On our way home we stopped in Macon GA for Creative Yarns ( ). This stop was truly about the stars aligning and fate smiling on two yarn tourists. The shop was right off the highway and despite its recent move to a new location down the street, it was easy to find. I knew from the moment we pulled up that this was going to be special. The shop was a converted residence and actually, still looked like you were walking into a home. The interior was newly painted and polished. Everything was very organized and beautifully displayed. I was actually a little overwhelmed by the dazzling array of yarns before me.

The house had six rooms which rather than being warren like was very open and flooded with natural light. Each room had a different type of fiber. The first room cottons, the next room high end novelty yarns and accessories, another room had sock yarn, one room contained weaving supplies, and the last room had big tables conveniently situated next to the books and magazines. I could have spent hours just sitting there paging through titles. I bought How to Knit the Woods by Shannon Okey. I succumbed to a Noro Furisode colorway and a delicious Prism Yarn which looks like it is beaded. I spent way too much money there, but the shop was just so lovely.

The shop had everything, a friendly staff, an amazing selection, beautiful building, and roomy tables. The only thing missing is comfy couches. So if you are in or around Macon GA this shop is worth the stop and the abuse to your credit card. I would even drive out of my way to stop by Creative Yarns.

The last stop on our trip was Paducah KY. Paducah boast the home of the American Quilters Guild museum, a favorite of mine. Luckily, they were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the annual Quilt Festival which takes place there in April. I got to see 25 years of award winning quilts, stunning. I also have to say the docents at the museums are some of the nicest women I have ever met.

After the museum we set off to find a yarn store. Our guide promised one existed, but previously Beloved Cuz and I tried to find it with no luck. But my companion was determined and sure enough Paducah does have a yarn store, With Ewe in Mind ( ). I don't know where to begin with this shop. It was stuffed with yarn, and I do mean everywhere. The shop seem to follow a basic guideline, that was more yarn going up and up the wall. The further back in the store you got the dark and more chaotic it got. I started to feel claustrophobic. I did find a book on purses and some intriguing Kaleidoscope Yarn, but the real find here was the Kollage circular square needles. The needle selection at this shop was probably the best of the trip. She had several brands and types of needles, it was hard not to buy more, but I prevailed.

With Ewe in Mind, was not the best shop of the trip, but it did stand out. The owner of the shop was friendly and very funny. Her personality made her shop seem charming and the overall messiness seem downright homey. I will definitely, stop by again.
Traveling through the south was as always fun and drenched in sweet tea, but the shops I visited were wonderful highlights. I don't even want to think about how much money I spent, but my loot and meeting all these wonderful peddlers made my trip a treat and worth the price.


anitak76 said...

I've actually been to the one in Paducah. I found it a bit cramped and difficult to navigate, myself. Didn't meet the owner, though, which sounds like it would've improved the experience.


Rachel said...

I am enjoying your LYS reviews.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Anita76 I will admit the place was chaotic. The owner even joked about how messy the place was, she knows and I guess she accepts it as part of the character of her shop. This shop was everything I don't like, but the owner was so friendly and funny I did not seem to mind.