Saturday, October 3, 2009

Road to Socktopia

I could blog on endlessly about knitting socks, but lets face it, how boring for knitter and non-knitter alike. So I wrote a horrid piece of doggerel to outline my journey through the world of sock knitting. And of course I am including photos of my trip to socktopia. Please be kind of my poor poetry, it is meant to amuse not edify anyone.

I knitted some socks
I thought this soo rocks
I started cuff down
On DPNs I went round
& round & round

One done, what another to go
I was suddenly full of woe
Next I tried two circs
Surely this method had perks
However, again I went cuff down
On circs I went round
& round & round.

Knitting the heels
Was like dancing crazy reels
Took another class
Heard toe-up was less of a task
But after the toes
Once again round and round I goes

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