Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good News Deserves a Break

The first order of business is the good news that my dad is still doing well. And if you have heard this somewhere else (facebook, twitter, me in person) sorry, but good news is worth hearing again. My dad's doctor visit this week went so well he is not scheduled for another appointment until mid-December. When I think about how at this time last year I thought I would never have another holiday season with my dad, I am feeling very lucky right now. I would also like to make sure and thank everyone for their kind words and support. You have all been so comforting during this very difficult time, thank you.

With that said, I am going to take the rest of the month off from blogging. Part of the problem is I am furiously knitting away and I really can't post about what I am knitting because it is Christmas knitting, i.e. the stuff I am knitting to give away as Christmas presents. I am a little self-conscious about giving knitting as a present because it is like giving your mom a gold painted macaroni necklace (Cool instructions on how to dye pasta Sure she will fuss over it and even wear it a few times, but in the end she probably would have preferred a gift card to JoAnne's. But still I knit on, hoping that my knitted item will find a good home. Furthermore, I currently feel driven to knit. So I will knit.

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