Monday, March 21, 2011

Water Bottle Sling, Or More About My Knitting

To say I have an excessive personality is an understatement.  Sometimes I just don't know when to say when.  Case in point my new water bottle sling.  I have for years now taken a 32 oz Quiktrip cup full of tea to work with me every day.  Suddenly, the gods of grace cursed me with a string of teatastrophies.  I kept spillng all 32 ozs on some important piece of work property.  When a manager saw the damage and said, "Clean-up in aisle 7,"  I knew I had a problem.  My friends decided to help me out with a state of the art tea go-bottle.

But even state of the art has a drawback.  The darn thing was too big to fit in the cup holder in my car.  Aha, I said, I am knitter, I can knit myself a solution.  With the help of I found a pattern and cast on with some sock yarn I had in my stash.  I noted that the designer even commented on the pattern to not over knit the strap.   I am a big girl, I thought, I will need a longer strap.  I added about four inches to the 34 inch strap.  I mean if 34 is good 38 will be better.  Just like my long scarves, more is, well more.

The strap is too long, way too long.  Once my 32 ozs of tea is in my go-bottle and it is snugly slung in the sling it hangs almost to my knees.  I know I could have unraveled some of it, but instead I knotted the strap  and called it good enough.  So far, I have no complaints and no spills.  No clean-ups in aisle 7 for me.

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