Thursday, March 10, 2011

And the Party Continues

Everyone and the Newlyweds!

As I mentioned  I got married on my birthday (just in case you missed it).  My birthday didn't stop there, my dear wife (and I mean that when I say it) threw me a small birthday party with some of my knitting buddies at the London Tea Room ).  Since it was a formal tea many of the guests wore hats and came prepared to drink tea and celebrate.

The Dapper Mr Harrison

Amy Looking Lovely

And of course we did drink tea, but none of them were prepared for the our surprise announcement of our recent nuptials.  I thought about making everyone wait until after we had tea and scones, but I was about to burst with the news.  Keeping a secret is not one of my strong points.  As soon as everyone was present and accounted for I stood up and told them about the best birthday ever.  I even brought the marriage license to pass around so everyone could see, we weren't fibbing.  Cheers of joy went around the table and more than a few cups of tea were salted with tears of happiness.  I am proud to say I didn't cry, I just bask in their love, beaming.  Who knew getting married would make me this happy?

Julie and My Beautiful Wife

My friends showered me with amazing gifts.  I must admit I am like a kid about getting a present, love it!  I got books, yarn, a stunning new quilt from my mother, a hand knitted capelet, wrist bands, and so much more.  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends, I only hope that I am worthy of their friendship.  I also want to apologize if anyone felt left out by not being invited to the party.  I am so sorry, we were limited by size and finances as to how many we could invite.  I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends I feel bad not inviting everybody I ever spoke to.  Next time I will think of a place better suited for a larger crowd.  We will have a free for all and  50 (omg I can't believe I am saying this)  is only 5 years away! 

Birthday Swag

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