Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day and Sungazing

Some days it just does not pay to be my friend.  My poor, wonderful, friend Sungazing of Sungazing Photography ( http://sungazingphotography.com/ ) knows the truth of that statement.  Mother's day I had lunch with my mom and sister in Eureka.  I looked across the table and not only did they look fabulous, but we were all wearing shades of brown.  I couldn't get the coincidence of color choice out of my mind.  I do not think we could have planned to match so well.  On a hope I called Sungazing and she graciously took these wonderful photos of us.

My mother's photo practically glows.  I can't get over how beautiful she is at 69.  She has been beautiful most of my life, but that she still retains that vitality and spark after the last 3 years is an inspiration to me.  Sungazing did a wonderful job of capturing that essence.  I also like the photo of my baby sis and I together because she is smiling.  I like it when she smiles, it reminds me of what a cute baby she was. 

I just can't thank Sungazing and her husband enough for taking the time out of their busy Mother's day to give me images that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  I am so lucky that she is my friend.  I can't really say she is so lucky to be my friend, but I hope that she thinks she is a little lucky to know someone who has such a pretty mother.

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