Monday, May 23, 2011

Pink Shoelaces!

Pink Covington Plymouth Yarns
I think everyone who knows me knows I love bright colors.  I can't help but notice pops of color whenever I am lucky enough to spy the bright hues.  Wednesday night my friend Chris showed up in tennis shoes with bright pink laces I could only say, "I wish I could find some hot pink shoelaces too."  The laces reminded me of the eighties when neon bright laces were all the rage.  Nostalgia and envy fueling my wish the words would be pushed out into the cosmos and the wish granting fairy would wave her magic wand and make it so.

Friday one of the knitting newsletters that shows up in my email sent out a pattern for shoelaces ( ).  I am sure Berroco had a call from the wish granting fairy ordering them to fulfill my wish.  By Saturday night with needles and cotton yarn in hand I set out to knit myself some hot pink laces for my beloved lime green chucks (I told you I like bright colors).  The hardest thing about the project was trying to decide on an aglet or not.  After trying it both ways, I decided against the aglet.  Just in case you don't know what an aglet is, it is that little plastic tip on the ends of your laces.

Lime Green Chucks and Hot Pink Laces
 I am so happy with the outcome, I am convinced I need a second pair for my hightopped chucks. 

Though I am pleased with the wish granting fairy, I can't help, but wonder what if I had substituted the words "Million dollars," instead of shoelaces. I just might have been posting to you from Paris instead of St Louis, MO spending hot pink money.  Are you still listening wish granting fairy?

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Charade said...

Darling post! Love the laces, especially with the chucks.