Monday, August 29, 2011

I Heart Top Gear

One of my favorite things to do on Monday night is knit and watch Top Gear on BBCA.  I really can't explain it, but I will try.  I am not a car girl.  I bought my last two cars without even cracking open the hoods to check out the engines.  If you started to compare the merits of Toyota to Chevy, I would probably stare at you blankly.  However, Monday nights I rush to be in front of my tube just in time to see what craziness is going on across the pond.  These guys do the stupidest things with cars, things that make me laugh, things that make me wonder how these men made it to middle age.  They push campers off cliffs, ride vespas across Vietnam, and cause general mayhem wherever they go.  I can't wait to see what stunt will be on next.   It truly makes no sense to me. 

I have described the show as Master Piece Theatre meets the three stooges.  I think the key is the British accent.  Somehow, the accent makes the show funnier and more intriguing.  Why would Brits want to trash vehicles in ridiculous displays of idiocy?  I mean, parking a truck on the roof of a sixty story building that is about to be blown up just to see if the vehicle will still run once it is dug out of the rubble, is insane (the truck drove away).  I am often dumbstruck by the things they get away with each week. I find this show and Parking Wars to be my two favorite things to watch while I knit.

The rub is though the American version of Top Gear on the History Channel is not much different, I just don't like it.  The presenters are uninteresting and obvious hipster dudes in love with how cool they are.  And you know they don't have British accents.  Apparently, I prefer goofy, middle aged, British guys talking about cars, not the dude that could be sitting at the next table in a restaurant talking about his weekend 4 wheeling.  Presentation is everything. 

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