Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snitting Needles

I am in a bit of a snit right now.  I have all kinds of knitting needles, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, blue ones, and shiny ones.  My needles are made of plastic, wood, metal, and mystery materials.  They come in a single connected by a cord,  or sets of two, four, five, and I even have an elaborate collection that clicks together.  Call them straight, circular, or dpn (double pointed needles), I have all types.  However, without fail, no matter how many needles I have, I never ever seem to have what I need when I sit down to knit.  Yesterday, I bought six circular needles in six different sizes and lengths.  Yet when I started to knit, I still did not have the needle I needed.  I ask you knitters everywhere near and far, do you ever have enough needles?


Annie said...

No. Never. And I have three interchangeable sets. : /

I happen to be short on 7s right now. How can I own at least 6 sets of 7s and only have dpns available? Speaks generally to the contents of my wip basket.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I think it was a shock when I went to my dpns and noticed I had no 7s. How could that happen?