Saturday, May 5, 2012

Prom Pics-Apolozza

Best Prom Date, Crawford Co. R-1, 1983, Date Randy Paul
As I have mentioned I have been going through some old photos and cherry picking through them to give my friends the choices berries from the collection.  This week my theme was prom pictures.  During my sad high school experiences I went to 4 proms.  Honestly, proms are such an over hyped events that end with drunkenness, regrets, and embarrassing memories, I wonder why we put ourselves though the ordeal.  Anyway, I felt the need to share the agony of style choices gone wrong and smiles that are in many ways as painted on as the mascara.

Prom Crawford County R-1, 1984, Jamie King
Only one of my prom dates was an actual, I love this guy, boyfriend.  The tragedy of this prom was my mom decided I should wear a hoop skirt.  I being a creature of very little grace, should never wear a hoop.  One prom was enough to convince me that hoop skirts be left in the sepia tones of nineteenth century photographs.  We (mom and I ) also decided on an up do with a high collar on the dress that she had made.  So what I end up with is a great and well dressed prom date, and a miserable photo of myself. 

Prom Crawford County R-1, 1982, Mike Nye
My senior year I went with a friend and cut the collar of the dress I had worn the previous year.  Okay photo missing the truly great date, but I do look better.  Oh well, such was high school it is not  a wonder I would never go back even if you paid me.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and it inspires you to dig out your own prom photos and share them with your friends.  After all we all do love to laugh, even if it is at our own teenage self.
Prom Sullivan High School, 1982, Terry Mills

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