Saturday, May 12, 2012

Standing on My Rainbow Colored Soap Box

This is what same sex marriage will look like
Yesterday I cried.  I cried tears of hope and yearning, pent up tears of frustration and un vented anger,  tears that tasted like salt when they rolled onto my lips, and tears for all of us who want the right to be legally married to our life mates.  Yes my friends it is that soap box again, the soap box for same sex marriage.  Or to put it more plainly, MY right to marry the woman I have built a life with for the last 25 years.  We have the license from Iowa ( and now we want it honored.  We want to know that our right to build a life together will not be stripped away by the whims of bigots and religious zealots.  We want the respect and legality of the law.  I know I am sounding very militant here, but this issue directly impacts my life and my future.  I think I am justified in asking for the equality our constitution professes. 

This is what same sex marriage looks like
I ask you and I am very serious when I say it.  How do two over-weight, middle age, lesbians, shift the axis of the poles destroying the world as we know it?  Is it by continuing to live together, going to work, paying taxes, and trying to get by like everyone else, is that what causes the polar caps to melt and the Mayan predictions of global apocalypse to come true?  I just do not understand how two people loving each other can cause such chaos.  I ask again my friends, when you discuss same-sex marriage just remember Natalie and I are who you are talking about.  We are the ones being discriminated against, we are the faces you know, the ones who want the right to be married under the laws of our country.  And you might want to look around, because there are other faces you may know also looking at our government with tears of hope in their eyes. 

This is what same sex marriage looks like

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