Friday, July 13, 2012

I Knit What?

What is it you ask?

I admit that sometimes I get a little obsessive about a knitting pattern, even a knitting pattern for something I will probably never wear.  While cruising around online I found a pattern for "Arizona Flip Flop Socks."  (  Forget that I don't like flip flops or live in Arizona.  Regardless of these important facts, I decided to knit a pair thinking one day I might want to wear flip flops and I hate the way that piece of plastic feels between my toes. Maybe, my mind thought, if I had these socks I would not dislike wearing flip flops.   I also thought this would be a good use of scrap yarn.  With dpns (double pointed needles) in hand I knit a pair. 

The problem with the first pair was I ran out of the scrap yarn I was using and the sock was too tight on my big toe.  I decided to knit a second pair, because I need a pair of flip flop socks that fit.  I went back to the stash of scrap yarn and behold I knit a second pair.  However, now that I have two pairs of these abbreviated socks, I could not even bring myself to try them with a pair of flip flops, because as I said before I really don't like flip flops.  I dislike the cheap shoes so much that the hour I wear flip flops after a pedicure is almost like torture.  After several days of looking at the knitted items I finally gave in and modeled the the socks for photographs for my ravelry page.  After the photo shoot I immediately took off the shoes and the socks.

End result I still don't like flip flops.  The bottom line is maybe I should spend less time cruising on the Internet. 

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