Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turning 100,000

Today my 2004 Toyota Prius turned 100,000.  I feel this was an important moment because I put all but 2 of those miles on my car.  I have never had a car before that I bought new and drove almost every single mile on it.  I felt like this milestone should be commented on and since my new year's resolution was to focus on the journey and not the destination I pulled over and documented the event.  The south side neighborhood residents thought we were crazy, even the cop that drove by and gave us an appraising look, but I did not care. 

I have loved my Prius, named Prudance, and found it to be a good car.  The tires, a conventional battery, and the water pump have been replaced because of use and dysfunction.  My mpg runs in the average of 40 to 45 range, but I have on a few notable occasions when the mpg has been over 50.  In other words I have been really pleased with my hybrid, I think it has fulfilled my expectations of a car that is kinder to the planet.  Overall, the car has made me feel like I made a good choice when I purchased it eight years ago and 100,000 miles ago. 

Oddly, on today of all days, I got a letter from a Dodge dealer offering me a trade in value over $6000 and a rebate of $4500.  I felt a little like someone was spying on me.  I love my Prudance the Prius and there is no way I would every replace her with a Dodge.  Now another Prius, that I might do someday, but not anytime soon.  I am hoping to get several more 1000 miles out of her, safe driving my friends.

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I also wanted to add that photo was taken after a very frustrating afternoon. That I am smiling at all is an accomplishment.