Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tribe of Knitters

I love my knitting crews!  Last week I went to two of the best knitting parties, ever.  First I went to a yarn swap and came home with some great new to me yarn, in awesome shades of green.  Yarn haul aside it was so much fun to sit with my original knit tribe and talk about life, the world, and putting together a good stitch.

Haul from Yarn Swap
My Sunday knit crowd also did a holiday party.  We drew names and exchanged presents.  I am always amazed by how beautiful presents are from handcrafters.  I received a gorgeous, green bag, a fun, felted bowl, and a lovely button up neck gaiter.  The bag was not only the perfect color, but the level of detail my fellow knitter put in it from top stitching to the polka dot lining charmed me to the core of my fibernista's heart.

Wonderful Gifts from Heather, Loved that All Three Were Handmade.
The gifts and yarn aside the time spent in the company of the knitting circles into which I subscribe made for good times.  One of the women even brought her very artistic daughter who made a point to draw most of us pictures to take home.  Thank you Lael, I love my tree next to the bright flower.
Lael, One of My Tribes Daughter, Drew Me a Forrest Scene
In the end both parties were filled with many warm wishes.  I also left with something else, a sense of community that made me feel proud to be a part of a tribe of such amazing and kind people. 

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