Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh I Love My Fiestaware!

My loved ones did very well this holiday season in providing me with my drug of choice, Fiestaware.  I got five new items and a gift card to Cornucopia, where Fiestaware lives.  I always get excited when I am handed a heavy package.  I know pottery goodness is within, that or someone is giving me leg weights. 

Holiday Fiestaware Loot
My minion gave me my own rectangle casserole dish in tangerine, which is almost too pretty to use.  My friend Kim gave me new lemon grass oval platter which debuted on Christmas day filled with pot roast.  My mom gave me a new lemon grass canister.  And lastly, I got two new demitasse cups to round out my set.  I am so loved.

Set of Six Demitasse Cups

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