Sunday, August 18, 2013

Angel the Whippet Or Crazy Cat Lady No More

As I have blogged about in the month of June I lost my cat, Dante.  I  losing him has been hard, but being catless has been even harder.  I have had cats since 1985.  I have no desire to go back to having 8 cats, but lack of feline companionship is a little lonely.  However, I decide to take some time off from having cats, losing them is just so painful. 

That said, Natalie and I were talking about the possibility of adding another dog to our household for me.  I want to stress the word talking.  My wife is not one to let the sunset on a problem and with that idea and a conversation with her mother she came up with a solution.  The solution was to take in a retired show dog from her mother's kennel.

Things went very quickly and suddenly I have Angel, a 10 year old whippet.  I have not agreed to keep her, I have agreed to foster her for 13 weeks before we make the decision if she stays.  Angel is a very well behaved and sweet dog.  I have yet to hear her bark and she comes immediately when called.  I walk her in the evenings and she never pulls at the leash and always heels to the left.  In other words she is a good dog. 

Please don't think badly of me for this, but after 2 weeks with Angel, I realize I am a cat person.  I have 11 weeks to get use to co-habituating with a dog.  I want to say to you, I will get there.  I do.  I just don't know.  Maybe I was just born to be a crazy cat lady, wish me luck in changing my cat loving ways.

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