Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This year three women I know had motherhood happen to them (last year it was just one of my knitting buddies).  Two of the women are friends from the library.  I decided I wanted to knit both of them baby bootees.  I looked at several patterns, all of which were styled for baby girls and my friends were both having boys.  I got a little frustrated and kept looking.  One day I was thumbing through my copy of Knits to Share and Care by Gerard Alt and found his pattern for Bountiful Bootees. At last a boy pattern was found.  I liked that the bootees looked like little boots and the pattern was fairly simple. 

I hit the sock yarn stash and found enough for two pair in some easy care fibers.  With a weekend and #2 needles I was off.  I trusted the pattern and hope the size of the bootees fit newly arrived feet.

I had just enough yarn in a color that when knit up looked  like camo boots.  So cute!  The next pair was suppose to be knit in blue, but by the time I got to the first bootee's sole I knew I wasn't going to have enough blue.  I improvised and gave these bootees red soles.  I gotta say again, so cute!

At this point the bootee knitting got good to me.  My neighbor just got her first grand baby, another boy, I hit the sock yarn again and found just enough to knit a pair for this new boy too.  Finally, I said enough of the cute.  And to the new moms out there I say, congratulations.

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