Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yarn Stash, Part Deux

First I do not speak French or even pretend to speak French, so please forgive the pretentiousness of the title.  I think I am trying to convey the ridiculousness of my yarn stash by using a highfalutin French word.  In literature this language could even denote the beginning of a mock epic. Now that I have established the silliness of which I am capable, I will move along. 

Today I walked by my mail chubby at work and found a ball of yarn with a single size 10.5 knitting needle shoved into it.  I must admit I looked around to see if this was some sort of joke played on the flakey records lady.  Next came the double take of is there really a ball of yarn in my chubby.  With a little effort I got the ball of yarn out of the small space and ascertained that yes there was only one needle stuck in it.  I scratched my head, yup even in a jail yarn falls out the sky to land in my yarn stash.

Later a co-worker admitted that she was cleaning out her craft room and found the yarn and thought about me.  She did not really explain the lone needle, but you know I think I can let that mystery wait for another day.  Apparently, my yarn stash is  becoming like a planet with a gravitational pull, it is attracting random balls of yarn from other people's homes. Why can't money come to me as easily as yarn does?

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