Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Sweater, First Sweater Failure

I made a resolution to knit a sweater this year(http://tempestinapot.blogspot.com/2013/01/resolute.html).  And I did knit a sweater.  Resolution complete.  I just wish I had said I was going to knit a sweater I could wear.  Sadly, I did not.

I found a pattern I really liked which looked within my knit-abilities.  The pattern was called, saddle shoulder color block top, straightforward title, straightforward knitting.  Because I am a proud, plus-size woman I knit the larger size.  I did not want a tight fitting garment, but tired to not over knit the size.  I had done a gauge swatch and everything was going well, or so I thought.

It was the sleeves that got me.  I have small shoulders. I did knit the sleeves to a smaller size, I have been to this rodeo before and knew to be careful.  Apparently, I was not careful enough.  I sewed the in set sleeves and recognized fairly quickly there was a problem.  A big problem, too much sleeve. 

Though I am the boss of my knitting, I did take the problem to my knit group.  One of my friends did an internal crochet seamed to help with the problem.  With the help of another friend I added a few rows of a crochet edge to give me more fabric to work with.  In the end, it was not enough.  The top is just too big, my shoulders too small, and I can't keep the sweater from falling down my arms.  Epic knitting fail, but at least I can say I knit my sweater.

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