Monday, March 10, 2014

Lovely Knitted Lace

I am so lucky to live in a city with such a vibrant knitting community.  One of the local knitterati, Brooke Nico, is also a national knitterati know for her crazy awesome lace designs.  Our hometown knitter extradinary went out and published a book of her own.  We picked up the book Thursday night at Kirkwood Knittery, Brooke's home shop.  After months of seeing sections of the book I was excited to see the finished product along with all the knitted samples.  Seeing photos in a book and the real  McCoy are often two different things and as "Lovely" as the project are in print format they are even more exquisite in person.  Case in point the Triangle Tulip Shawl.  Gorgeous in the book, divine when laid out where you can actually see the genius of the perfectly stitched lace.  If Brooke's mother hadn't been politely asking me if I wanted punch, I might have just grabbed the shawl and ran out of the shop.  I left the store that night with the book and a desire to improve my lace knitting skills.

Congratulation Brooke on some truly beautiful designs, wishing you and your book much success.


RMS said...

You're so funny! Brooke's mom will just love that story. And her publisher, Sterling Books will also appreciate the compliments.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Thank you, but I really did consider stealing that shawl for about half a second.